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March 10, 2010


Ann Marie

Wow! Great work--both yours and your son's. I love the illustrations in your book. That city scene is amazing! And your son is truly multi-talented!

Terri Murphy

Love it, Barb. Spectacular! An obviously creative family, the Newmans. I have to write a column for the Illinois SCBWI online newsletter about book promotion from an illustrator's perspective. I will be sure to mention David's business....



Love the book trailers!

Jan Kozlowski

Wow! You know I was impressed with the job David did on The Owl Keeper, but I also love what he did with Tex & Sugar! Beautiful Job! Can't wait to hire him for my own work!



Loving the idea of a book trailer. David's work is great...



Cool ideas for book trailers. I love them all. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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I love the illustrations in your book. I was impressed with the job David did on The Owl Keeper.

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