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December 08, 2007


June Goulding

Can I come to your house? I haven't had time nor inclination to even think about Christmas, and your house looks so welcoming. I love the Moose too... we have a reindeer (or mabe it was supposed to be a moose) that plays annoying Sax tunes! It annoys everyone too :o)


June, I would love to have you and bring home my little girl with you when you come ok?:)
She phoned on Saturday with a bad cold having spent a bit too much time making Merry during her company party on the high street (is that how they say it?)
Seems they were taken by the boss to some expensive place (Prince William goes there???) that has like a Teaky theme or some such and were ordered something called a "Treasure Chest" (Barb, pay attention) It's comprised of all sorts of booze and a bunch of straws.
Ooooouch, when will that child ever learn:)

Sherry Rogers

It looks like you love Christmas as much as I do. It is gorgeous! And I love your home. It looks like the period of home I just love. You have wainscoting!! Wahh! and it looks like built ins too. I would love those kind of wonderful details!


HAHA, Sherry, for the most part the house is an "illusion"! Yes, it's olderish, built by the man who's estate we bought it from. He was a railroad man, one of the working poor and it showed in the simplicity of the materials he used. The walls were insulated with newspapers (thus the exact age of the house, 91 years young) For instance, the floors are all pine, not hard wood. Personally, I do love my little house but it has had a lot of add on's during the 32 years we have been in it.
The wainscotting.... I added it all, there was nothing there before:) Room by room, year by year, I glued that stuff up till one day I looked around and I had covered the whole blessed house! Oh, and the built in's? If you mean the dinning room, it's a cheat too (I love those REAL built in china cabinets and bookcases etc but this house was too poor to have that) those are IKEA bookcases and an old bedroom dresser all painted to LOOK like they are built in:)
Probably my favorite room in this whole old house though is the basement. It is still original, down to the cedar posts (complete with their bark still attached) that hold up the hand hewn wood beam that continues to hold the whole thing up. With all our over thought building codes now a days, I wonder if those rusting metal posts and glued together main beams will still be around 100 years from now, I think not:)
By the way, I LOVE your house photo's on your blog:)


Wow- We have the same taste in color. My kitchen cabinets are the same green ane walls the same yellow. I have dark red and royal blue accents....Love it- Yours is much neater! Nice

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woh super house ..., feel like celebrating Christmas with u all.lets hope....

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Wow the house looks great with all the decorations in it. You can truly feel the holiday season.

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I hope I could live in a house this big. It has a nice interior design and all the things inside are properly in place.

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With a house as nice as this on who could say no to living here.


It would be great wouldn't it if I were to live in a house like this.


Wow that reminds me of our house, only in Christmas though :)

Matt Powell

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very cool decorations. well done! makes me think of winter time


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