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December 20, 2007


Barbara Johansen Newman

Maryann, can't wait to hear all about it!! Happy New Year!

June Goulding

I'm all excited for you too! And I don't know what your news is either, but I do like Lookybook.
Lovely New Year image Maryann.
I am actually feeling more positive about 2008 myself for some reason that I can't explain. 'Hope' is a wonderful thing.


Hi, I am very new to Jacket Flap and just sort of bumped into your blog, and then went to Lookybook and JUST LOVE IT! Thank you! What a great thing! I love this resource, I can't tell you!!! Best regards! And happy wishes for a wonderful Valentines (coming up day!) Lilly

Matt Powell

You know that Viagra is a magic pills for the ED problem. Thanks


painting was superb...missing my childhood drawings

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