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December 07, 2007


June Goulding

I so hope that dummy finds a good place Chris.
Lovely movement in this image. I think I can hear that music!


Thanks June.
I hope so too, so I can just fagedabadit and move on:)

sharon lane holm

Oh I love the art!! I too have a character I am in love with-this cat I keep drawing, and trying to dummy up. Yes, you can write, you can draw DB-Mrs Shawartz just has not found her home yet. Just like our kids.

Ilene Richard

I too wish you the best in placing this dummy. The art is really charming. Ilene

christine tripp

Thank Sharon ("DB", you always make me smile:) and Ilene!!!:)
Just to clarify, the dummy that's been out there is not related to the illustration I posted. This one is just something I did last week, the dummy is about about a little cartoon dog, I think (though I haven't looked back on the old blogs) I put up the cartoon illustrations for him last year. Funny how sometimes there is one idea and character you just can't shelve, especially when you hear stories of dummies that do make it being stories that came to the author overnight, written up in a few days and accepted fairly quickly.
I think if you dwell on the same book for too long you lose your perspective about it.
That's probably why you get advice from those who have done this longer to put it away and bring it back out to take another look at it in about a year. Just so that you can be more critical, less attached.
Sharon, is the little cat you put up on your blog THE cat your speaking of?

sharon lane holm

chris- no that was the fund-raiser art for Donated that piece of art.This is a different kitty, think I posted it on PBAA a while ago,one in color another in pencil (she was shopping,grocery cart-the 1st was a city block-oh thats on my web page)Glad for making you smile!

Nancy E. Wood

Hello -- I'm not sure you'll get this, because the date on it is 2007, but I just had to give it a shot -- I found your blog by accident (googling "dog with tail between her legs"), and what a delightful find! I just HAD to write you and thank you for your excellent work, and send you some of my good juju... I'm so sorry you haven't yet received the YESSES that you deserve -- not YET, that is, because you will -- you are an amazing and sensitive and artist! I was a voracious reader as a child, and I truly feel that a good deal of my outlook on Life, my appreciation, and my sensibilities of whimsy came from the children's book illustrators who peopled my world with wonderful characters (human and other) of such quirk and charm, and also such inviting, warm, and winning, individuality and joy. You definitely capture that, and please keep your visioning for yourself about RECEIVING as positive and consistent and eager as you can, because you've definitely got the gift, and I'm quite sure great success is just coming up the walk or even waiting in front of your door... Thank you so much for the delightful time I spent with your charming images this morning... please know another of us is out here wishing you the very best!

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