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November 10, 2007



Sharon, how wonderful of you and the artists to join in and help. It's hard to believe people exist, so sub human, that can just walk away from an animal leaving it to starve. When my Son was an inspector for the Human Society he saw this and more. You just pray that people like this do not have children!
I love the kitty, love that she is holding the wind up mouse. The colours are gorgeous!!! It's a tiny thumbnail I know but it opens large enough to enjoy all your details. Of course, I would love to get to see it even larger:)
Congrats on posting!!!!

sharon lane holm

thanks chris- I cant understand people either. I am going to go back in and enlarge the art,thanks to others for helping to give me direction.Need to sit and absorb the directions,computer was down all day sunday.Wow-I just realized if you touch the thumbnail it enlarges the art!! Oh I got to get more computer saavy!

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