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July 20, 2007



It's me!
have you been spying on me?

Oh if only I looked that cute when I was having one of these moments... err... days!

john nez

That's cute! I remember those high chair days... but it was mostly green beans gettin' tossed on the kitchen floor.

My artist's cartoon would be an artist waiting for the editors to write... with the permission slip for me to go to the finishes.

& wait & wait & wait....

christine tripp

OMG Janee, that is too cute and hilarious for words! Such simple thumbnails and yet I could absolutely "feel" her crumpling that paper up, I could "see" all her movement haha!!!


Thanks, y'all! I'd had one of "moments" the day before I drew this. I think drawing this helped whack me back out of it. :-)


oh! that is a common day for me, Janee!! Expressed wonderfully!!


Thanks, Kevan! :-)

sharon lane holm

Too cute! I love her! I think you should develpoe her into a character for your next book! Wouldnt it be a change of pace if the interior art was in the sepia tone only?


Thanks, Sharon! I'd love to do a book in this style. It's very fast and wrist friendly compared with my usual style. :-)

christine tripp

OMG, Sharon, what a GREAT idea!!! Janee, I can so see this as the first (I think it would be a first) wordless graphics novel for preschoolers!!! MAN, I shoud use this idea for myself:)
Go for it Janee... "a day in the life" kind of thing perhaps? You have the right sense of humour for it I betcha.
(I'd submit that page right there in a query to Dutton or someone big right away, like NOW!!!)


You are excellent at the "comic" style, Janee...I definitely see you using this more in the future!


ahhahahhah Yeah! But In the years I get of the fridge and went on on the wall!!!, with bad a nice drawings :D

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