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June 09, 2007


christine tripp

HAHAHAHA, John I just LOVED the movie!!!
Actually, I thought the (corny funeral) music went so well with it. You hear this soft sophisticated, ladies in the parlor tunes, then the movie pans all over a giant mess of paints and brushes and dirty water and.. well there was something about the extreme difference in the two things that worked for me:)
I loved looking at all the work, then the finished art on the computer. I've never asked you this before John, but you must deliver your work on CD yes?
I applaude you John, wish I had the first idea of where to start on producing something like this. You know, it would be terrific to have an extended version of a movie like this, perhaps with odd humourous bits in it to show during a presentation. How many times do people get to see inside the artists studio.. and you could "stage" something like the pet cat walking over a finished piece on the drafting table, leaving purple paw prints etc. I think kids would really crack up over something like this:)

john nez

Yes, the music makes all the difference... that's the real magic. When I first saw the bare clip of the dirty palette I thought... 'YUCK!'. But music made it look like ART somehow. Mysterious.....

Hmmm.... the Pet walking on the art. Great idea! I know, I'll just put her 'canned food' down. That will be her motiviation. Actors need motivation.

iMovie is fairly easy to use. I just played around with it to figure it out. I think there was just one thing I had to look up.

Problem is that it eats up so much disk space.

Yes, I usually send in files on CD or else just FTP them to the client. But somehow a CD feels more like 'I'm really finished with this job!'.



That was fantastic! The music works in a delightfully bizarre way. Don't change a thing!

I'm poking around the web trying to learn as much as I can about Children's book illustration technique, and I'm wondering what you meant by the magic of "pixels" between that first and final stages of the drawings. Obviously you worked something out on a computer, but I'd love to know what that 'something' was.

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