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May 28, 2007


June Goulding

That is a lot of bubbles!
Any chance you could post the image in the post, resized to 450 wide and whatever proportional height equates so we can see it all in one go?

And I know what you mean about wanting to see others images. I got so tired of my last post, I deleted it!
Nice work Chris.
(And for what it is worth, it was a horrid rainy blustery day here yesterday, and is only a little better today.)

christine tripp

Hey June, I tried posting the whole length and it just cut the poster off in the middle.. mind you I did post the width at over 500 pixels... would 450 allow for the whole thing do you think?
I'll try it now and see. It's originally 8" by 24".
Yes, lots of bubbles, 37 ways to say no to drugs needing to be listed:)

June Goulding

That's better... now I can see it all. Whatever you did with the size, it works fine on the blog now.

37 ways to say no to drugs eh! You would think NO was enough.

This is really bright and jolly. It deserves to get the attention needed to put the message across.
Well done Chris,

Paula Pertile

How cool is this! What a fun poster Chris.

I can't imagine doing this kind of thing on paper anymore either ~ to think we used to! Hard to believe now.

37 ways to say no? Did you have to think those up as well?


christine tripp

Thanks June, Paula.
No, the text is the graphic designers baby. They had it already worked out and a mock up poster prepared that they sent to me as a guide. Kids from a school in Alberta came up with the concept and they get credit on the poster.
For such a large government agency, these people at AADAC (Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission) are so wonderful to work with. With all the projects we have done they ask for a tender, never low ball it, almost never ask for changes, leave things up to me, are very complimentary and even have a great sense of humour. They have pretty well single handedly ruined my conceptions of the civil servant:)

john nez

Wow! That's amazing! Looks great. It'd be one heck of a chore to do all those bubbles on paper.

Not that you're lazy... you're smart.

Next they'd ask for 2 dozen changes and then where would you be with REAL paper? Up a creek... that's where!


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