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March 31, 2007


john nez

Gosh! That's quite a production! I'm impressed!

You'll have to tell us how all that came about... looks like a lot of work!


June Goulding

Published on April Fools day!
I hope all goes wonderfully well for Tex and Sugar.
The website is a joy to view, and I see you got your name in lights on the cover too!
Congratulations Barb, Tex and Sugar.


Congratulations Barbara!! I can't wait to see "Tex & Sugar"!! Hope you sell heaps!

christine tripp

Those are two very important little kitties to have such a cool web site of their own!
It is beautifully done and the puzzles are great fun!!!
Barb, nice that the kitties have allowed you go along for the ride:)

Barbara Johansen Newman

Thanks, all for the nice comments! I hope it sells well, too--
Let's pray for BIG Royalties to keep me in cowboy boots for a long time....



YEEHAW! Happy Birthday Tex and Sugar!!


WaHOOO! Congrats on the arrival of Tex & Sugar!! Can't wait to get me mah very own copy! Yeehaw, Barb!

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