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March 09, 2007


jenny b harris

Yay! Spring has sprung here in Texas, too!

christine tripp

Just a minute there Jenny, does Texas really count?
IS there winter in Texas?:)
Happy Spring to Y'all!

June Goulding

It is spring here in Bristol UK too! Spring makes me smile.
The hedgehogs are out of hibernation, the spring flowers have been blooming for a week or two, and the birds are beginning to sing for their mates.
I have to say, that cat in your illustration lookes a bit fed up about it all though!

sharon lane holm

I love her!! She reminds me of me as a child (silly), cat and all! Its warmer here (CT), but grey and the ground is still frozen, yuk.
Did you send out Le Roy yet????

christine tripp

Sharon, yes (and we won't talk about that:)and thanks:) June, you are way ahead of this part of the world. Still tons of snow and ice but it was light freezing rain yesterday and I was pretending it was April Showers... till I had to step out and salt the steps!
Hey, don't forget daylight savings today:)

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