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February 11, 2007



Chris, this is fabulous. I love that little thumping tail! So cute!

June Goulding

Wonderful dog, so full of fun and movement.
"Sweet stinks of the town flowers!" Brilliant. Just how a dog would think.

I hope this little chap finds a good 'publishing' home.


christine tripp

Thanks Patricia and June. Thanks too June for nudging me to reduce the size of the samples, works much better now:)
I sure hope he finds a home. I am at a loss as to what to do with him now, where to send him, how to send him. I did a glue and paste dummy, with both printed out pencil sketches and some colour spread interiors but I sit and look at it on my desk and go now what!
It's so much easier to NOT know, the thought of waiting 6 months or more to find out it's not good enough is very deflating:)

June Goulding

Wouldn't it be good if an interested Publisher saw it here, and contacted You!

"Cooo-eeeee, any potential publishers out there? Come have a look at what we have found!"


sharon lane holm

he is just darling! Send it out to many pubs! I must have about 10 sitting in a elephants in the closet


This bright linear style works really well with this pup- I love him! Especially his frantically scootching legs!

john nez

Hmmm... 'holed up under a blanket of snow in a frozen waste land plugging away'. That actually sounds like a good place to be to me. Of course the whole peril of our chosen profession is that all that plugging away can be for nought (naught?).

Anyhow, I luv plugging away... for naught or not.

How many manuscripts and dummies lying around gathering dust? Hmmm... I'd say off hand at least 30 stories... and about 3 unsold dummies.

It's a racket... no two ways about it. More like a calling actually than an actual profession.

Ohhh... ohhh... and I just thought up a great new story idea for a picturebook!


Paula Pertile

Those scrambling feetsies on those short little legs! I just love it Chris.


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