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February 26, 2007


Ilene Richard

Very nice photo. Although seeing myself, is a good reason to stay on Jenny Craig. Thank-you for the reality check. Ilene

christine tripp

Anyone else have any recent sightings?

Nope Liz, not a one. I think though that here in the Great White North they don't come out till Spring so I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled with camera in hand.
You all look so cute, look at Sharon in her overall's ready to get down to work:)
This is obviously a "before the Cosmo's" shot, you all have your eyes open:)

sharon lane holm

no chris-this is the day after cosmos!its a miracle anyones eyes are open. And I'm in overalls for the comfort level!! Was a great time, nice to meet other members of the "family".

June Goulding

All these illustrators gathering to socialise after being alone in their studios for weeks on end... no wonder they only allow such events in remote places!
The public need protecting!!!

Looks like it was fun to get together. Thanks for telling us all about it.

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