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February 17, 2007


christine tripp

Maryann, want to be my rep???:)
Thanks Maryann and the rest of my pals in our little group for the encouragement.
So as to not hog your posting Maryann, that is terrific news that "Jack" will be making his debut this year!!! (named Jack for any special reason?)

Your cover image is perfectly clear in the larger version though. Not sure why it is blurry in the thumbnail though.
How many publishers did you send Jack away to?

john nez

Cute cover! And it looks like you've mastered the art of the 'just right' loose drawing. My problem is my first sketches look WAY too sloppy to even understand... but my next sketch looks kind of too overdone.

About posting those jpegs... I think the only way to get a BIG image is to click on the 'custom setting' button once you're at the Image Upload box.

Then make sure the jpeg is about 400 pixels wide or so... that's a good size.

The other button will just display a mini thumbnail... which isn't right for an artist's work I think.


christine tripp

That's right, I remember that June suggested I post at 450 and that worked well. The 800 may be so big that the thumbnail becomes too distorted when saved at 75 or whatever the thumbnail is saved to show as.

June Goulding

Hey, well done on selling the book!
Do we get to see some of the final 'inside' images too?

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