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January 21, 2007



Great job John at capturing Janee's and Barb's MOST EXCELLENT promo stuff a the show- very cool!!

June Goulding

I am so glad that you went and reported back on this event. From all the images and details you have mentioned, I feel as if I want to get going on some new art so that I can be part of the 'bigger picture' again.

Off to sharpen a new pencil...

June Goulding

I forgot to add how good it was to see there was work on display from our fellow illustrator friends. Well done all you clever people :o)


Thanks for the report on the event, John!

Thank you for the special photos too! Barb's book looks great on that banner and I'm still tickled pink over the Ghost spread in the Little Brown catalogue. :-)


christine tripp

John, doesn't it make everything just a little more fun when you can say I know these people, these are friends of mine?:)

Ruth MB

Chris, I love going to bookstores and pointing to my friends' books and telling my kids, "I know him. I know her. And she's a great cartoonist. You should see this guy's website..." I say it loud enough that other people come over to investigate.
I do it in libraries too, but less loud.

John, THANK YOU for the inside scoop on the ALA. I'm glad you found so much of interest there.
Barb, Congratulations on the publisher backing.
Janee, awesome catalog treatment!
Ruth :)

john nez

Oh I saw your new book in the catalogue Ruth... it's bound to be a big hit. In fact probably a few years from now I'll be the one standing at the end of the line, waiting for my copy of your book to be autographed.


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