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January 20, 2007


Barbara Johansen Newman


Thak you.

June Goulding

I try to create calm amidst chaos John. Timelines written on paper for work to be done and a right place in the studio for everything... but heaven help anyone who comes into my space and moves or borrows something!!!!
...I can tell if something has been touched you know... and if the penguin is no longer facing south then I get really MAD!

Seriously, some days a crate of Nervine might be just what I need to see the project through. Is there a modern day alternative?

christine tripp

I posted yesterday but I forgot to press the damn post button after the preview button... again:)
Not that I said anything very profound but I hate being left out so to this I had replied...

>What do YOU do to keep stress out of the studio??<

I lock the door keeping hubby on the other side of it:)


What a great ad! What's in that stuff, do you suppose? Must be an alcohol of sorts, from back in the days when you'd drink to destress. June, Prozac and it's kind, and a good, stiff drink would be our modern-day alternatives, I'd guess.

Marty Weil

Neat ephemera post. Old paper is often under-appreciated. Fits nicely into your blog...I sometimes feature illustrators as well as childrens book collectors.

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