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December 11, 2006


christine tripp

Oh mg Barb, it's my aunt Edith!!!:) (she didn't however, have orange/red glasses, she wore those gold ones with the sparkly stares at the corners:)Love her.
Also love the reminder of Christmas shopping from days long past. I remember when the malls were not inclosed. When you had to wear your winter clothing as you went from shop to shop, when you also would trek downtown, snow falling, packages bulging. Good memories, thanks for bringing them up for me:)

June Goulding

Oooh! Is that my pressie in the little bag?

Barbara Johansen Newman

June, what's a pressie?

Chris, PLEASE share a picture of your Aunt Edith!!!!!

christine tripp

Barb, a pressie is a present:)
Sorry, I don't remember ever seeing a photo of her, just her. She was actually my Great aunt, my fathers aunt and she and my mom got along like best friends. They both drank those ugly gimlet (sp?)drinks, smoked packs of cigarettes and played cards all afternoon. As a kid I'd come home from school and have to cut through the air with a knife but they were both in a wonderful mood... ah childhood memories:)

john nez

Cute painting! So bright and colorful... very appealing. Almost seems like a cut out holiday cookie.


Donna Berger

I remember when I was little living in Cleveland, my mom would dress me up in my "Sunday best" to go shopping downtown. Wearing a dress and hat and patent leather shows were the typical attire for a little girl. We would take the bus 'cause my mom didn't drive and it would be a special day when we went. Thanks for reminding me of that memory.


Max Haynes

She looks ready for anything, almost like she's entering the gates of Heaven but first she got to shop like nobody's business.

Barbara Johansen Newman

Thanks for the nice comments, guys!

Yes, Donna, I remember you HAD to dress to shop! Shop looking like a slob? No Way!

I love the idea of it's the "last thing you have to do, " Max!

Shop " til you drop"-literally! Or in this case, " til you ascend".

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