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December 03, 2006


chris tripp

Oh, and one more thing... can you spot the foolishly unbelievable mistake I made in the sketch stage???
I fixed it in the final version with paint and pen but I haven't made that kind of beginner mistake in years!!!:)
Hint, look at the little girls foot.

Barbara Johansen Newman

Chris, this is great! Such wonderful action and character. And I love that you showed us the process.

But I can't find any mistake. ??????


Ha- reversed toe lineup! But hey, you fixed it, right?? I still have dyslexic moments like that sometimes, and I don't think I'll outgrow them! This is such a fun action piece...what's it for?

john nez

Cute picture!

I almost always do an underpainting... it helps to break the spell of the untouched painting and takes away lots of the nervousness about starting in.

chris tripp

HA, hey Barb, Liz found it... I almost got to painting before I did. It just looked right. Often you know something is wrong but can't put your finger on it, this time it seemed all good to me till the last second. Now that's elementary stuff... I must be entering that second childhood they talk about:)
Thanks guys and John, I had an idea you have done this before. I am wondering, have you ever dropped all the colours onto the art in photoshop before printing out and painting?
Liz, it's not for anything, just keeping busy:)

June Goulding

I love the forward energy of the girl, very good capture of movement.
And I did spot the error 'test' though first I thought it was the left hand of the child falling back... then I realised this was the palm facing us, and not the back of the hand!

I haven't tried underpainting from the print yet. In fact, I do most of my tones and shade at the very end on top of my watercolours with pale over washes. Maybe I will give it a go the other way round for a change :o)
I haven't used acrylics for ages either... not since college days.
I need more art playtime to experiment! I also want more time to sew, and make rag rugs and mozaics, and do so many other things.... just not enough hours.
Thanks for getting my interest started on a new way of working!

Donna Berger

This technique looks great. I see the problem with the left hand. It needs to be cut, copied and flipped in Photoshop.

Good posting!
Donna :)


The mistake is not foolish or unbelieveable. Artists often transpose body parts when sketching... It is a phenomenon not unknown in my little universe. Your sketch is wonderful and the finish is just as vibrant and full of life as all your work is. I do like the sketch so much. Somehow those first moments of creation are precious and as we cover them up with paint and enhance the character we also cover a tiny bit of the soul that created them.
Great work, as always!

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