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December 31, 2006


June Goulding

I was tempted to be the mysterious, attractive foreigner... but I fail on a few points!
Can I come to the moss covered woods to stay and watch owls if I bring a Yule log for the campfire?
I have no idea who you are by the way, 'cos you didn't sign your post! But that might make it all the more interesting when I try to find you in the woods :o)


Damn- I am going to improve my wax paper choices this year too- I have been slacking long enough!! If this wasn't Barb writing this, then who?

christine tripp

Love those old ads, I collect old magazines and those are my favorite part of them:)
OK, I will guess it was Shennen:)

christine tripp

Of course, it also sounds like John, hummmmm.

john nez

Oh, that's got to be me... what with my longing for wild places and all. I got those pix from a 1948 Better Homes & Gardens.

I WISHED life could be that rich... it's not like any of those things would cost a lot of money. We ought to be free to cut the ties that bind us to the hum-drum world and float free. But then that's what our imaginations are for I guess.


Barbara Johansen Newman

John, I have a few magazines from the 30's. I was going to start a regular post theme on my blog called " Corny Old Ad of the Week", but I never did. Maybe I should post them here.....

christine tripp

HA, glad my second guess was John, makes me look good:) It was the escape to a cabin in the woods that did it.

Barb, you post your ad's, I'll post mine, though I guess it has little to do with art.... then again, most all of the old ads were illustration, not photography... yet photography is also art!
I have one Dec magazine from 1955, my birth month and year and I just like going back to it, seeing what was going on during that time period.
The illustration on the front covers of all those magazines were just beautiful. How sad that it has all been replaced with photo's of food for the most part.

john nez

Yes, it's quite astonishing to see how much MORE illustration got used in those old magazines.

They are a virtual gold mine of illustrative materials... in all different styles. So many brilliant artists at work back then, churning out artwork that really looks as modern and up to date as most anything done today.... except they're missing all the really gross, awful crap that so often passes as artwork today.


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