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October 13, 2006



That's so funny, Barb- when you told me this, I found my copy of "Milo", and it has been sitting here next to me in the studio. I can't stop looking at all the "STUFF" in the pictures! I am also surprised at just how different the style is- or should I say, the technique. I didn't realize you'd morphed your technique so much in a relatively short time. They are both great, 100% Barbish styles, though- I say, if the watercolors, pastels and colored pencils are calling you, listen!

john nez

Fickle... I'd guess that's part of the job description, since fickle is sort of just a term of being 'selective'. And if we artists weren't selective in what we paint, how we paint, on which kind of paper and with which mediums... I suppose we might lack our own idiosyncratic styles.

So I'd say fickle is a good thing.

June Goulding

This piece still shouts out your style and sense of fun. It would sit happily next to a newer book of yours Barb.
Thanks for sharing an older piece of work too. It is amazing to see how we change, yet stay the same!


sharon lane holm

nice art!- and ohhhhh I just LOVE stuff! The name of my friends and mine 1st craft show ventures was Kim and Sharon's Stuff..

chris tripp

Barb, love it and that dog..... you should of been the illustrator for "Walter"!!!!
All the bits and pieces "stuff" all over the table, that's the sort of detail I, and I think kids, adore!
I still see YOU in this older example, I could pick it out anywhere.
Did you save any art from your childhood? I find it facinating that even as a little kid, our style to be exists even in tiny measure in our childlike art.

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