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October 25, 2006


June Goulding

You can't hide that it is you playing this graphic music John.
It still shouts out YOU!

I like the plain line work piece. I think it is your style of colouring that gives YOU away mostly.
Have you tried a different colouring technique too? How about pastels or screen simulated printed blocks of colour just to see how it would work?


Barbara Johansen Newman

John, I LOVE this new style! Yes, it is very YOU , but it is also a touch edgy and almost a little 50's retro, And graphic, too, a la Ben Shahn! More !!!!!


john nez

Thanks... it was fun. But it works best for really simple silhouetted images. Once you get into complex settings, it gets lost in details.

Photoshop is perfect for trying out all these things.



John- very cool Nezzified 50's look! I am sure you can come up with just the right kind of story to showcase this style variation- I agree, it wants to be on the simple side, where you can really work with the contour shapes and background color fields.


Hi John- Love the lion---love all the art with heavy line- Did you do the entire thing on computer? How did you draw the line?? I'm just about to start a couple of new books- and again- I hate my illustration and I'm not sure how to approached it...I have been avoiding my desk!

chris tripp

John, I'm so far behind on this but wow, really love the retro feel. The cover illustration takes me back to the 50's (not that I would remember it or anything:)



Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

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