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September 21, 2006



"Ferocious fighting hooves"?? Oh, you simply must elaborate on that one. The book looks adorable- let's hope word gets out about it. I noticed your Highlights piece a month or 2 ago in the magazine, and I thought they did a good job of animating it online! BTW, I just did my first piece(s) for Highlights, but for their new mag for younger kids, called "High Five". Fastest deadline ever!!

Barbara Johansen Newman

John, I just read the Booklist review and it was more than decent--it was wonderful!! And from what I see here, this books deserves that response and more!

I bet you will have lots of success with this.

john nez

Thanks! Thanks ya'll...

Now about those 'ferocious fighting hooves'... you see my legendary fighting prowess soon earned each appendage it's own special name. I had the diamond hoof, the golden hoof, the silver hoof and the bronze hoof... and I employed them all as part of my superpowers.

None could defeat the mighty Pig!


chris tripp

John, the book looks WONDERFUL and a whole BOX of wonderful books, how fun! Not much does happen in our day to day life does it, so we DO need to celebrate days like you just had, when the post brings you something sooooo much better then the hydro bill:)

I remember seeing the animation and thinking Highlights had done your charming characters much justice. You should be very proud of yourself and INSIST that your family make a big fuss over you today:)

June Goulding

...I had the diamond hoof, the golden hoof, the silver hoof and the bronze hoof...

How on earth do you hold a pencil!?
In the UK we call a pigs foot a 'trotter' rather than a 'hoof', so I shall think of you as 'Trotter Nez' from now on :o)

Lovely pictures John, and fun stories of your childhood. Do tell us more.


john nez

Those hooves worked quite well for holding a pencil actually. I used to have drawing contests with my older brother. He was a much better draftsman than I ever could hope to be, so I was always playing catch up.

We'd have contests to see who could draw the best Abraham Lincoln portrait. He'd regualarly get his drawings printed in the local newspaper, The Denver Post, which used to have drawing contests for children. In fact once, they sent back his drawing saying he must have traced it from a photograph because it looked too realistic for a child to have drawn.

He still makes art, but he only does gallery art... which is an almost impossible way to make a living.

So the Diamond Hoof remains triumphant!

sharon lane holm

A box of cookies! How clever! They really do look wonderful! And we all must really celebrate something so special-because we always tend not to. So many people so envy our talents and jobs-why dont we appreciate ourselves,and our art a bit more?
Congrats John-they look great! We are all very proud of you!!

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