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June 07, 2006


June Goulding

Barb, your style shines through, digital or paint... it is still very much of 'your' hand and creation.
Funny how even a machine cannot put a barrier between that individual style we all have!

Hope Benjamin had a wonderful day. Belated greeting from the UK.

June :¬)

Shennen Bersani

Barbara, you have yourself another winner! Love it!
Happy Birthday Ben!!

Love, Shennen

sharon lane holm

happy birthday ben!!
Barb-you did a wonderful job capturing your traditional style with the the computer!! Good for you. And i just figured out how to run paper thru....


Hi Barb---Looks wonderful. You computer artists amaze me...Someday I may take you up on your offer to watch you work. Can't believe you have a 10 yr old! Happy BD BEN!
He will keep you young....FOREVER!

Barbara Johansen Newman

Hey guys, thanks for the nice words about my first swim in this strange digital pool! But really, if I can, anyone can, so give it a try!


Barb, I'm so late with my BD wishes to "Benjamin Newman" (I love saying that NAME:) and with my praise for your excellent entry into digital illustration!!!


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