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May 11, 2006



Sorry- Image is bad....I'll try to post another...I'm bad at this


Nice to meet you Jack!
Well done Maryann for creating a new character, and allowing him out to meet us!
I shall look forward to hearing more... do we really have to wait until 2007? Gosh.... I shall have to hibernate or something.

June :o)

Barbara Johansen Newman

Hey Jack! Welcome to te PBI blog! We are all eager to hear a lot more about you!!


Maryann, your not bad at this, Jack looks wonderful... well except I would like to see a closeup of his lovely green sneakers:)
What a terrific publisher you will be doing this with, I'm probably as green as Jacks shoes right about now:)
I'd love to know more about the story but I guess I will have to wait till next year huh.... RATS!



Thanks for all the nice comments. Yes- I'm excited to be working with FS&G, which is a relatively new publisher for me. (I illustrated a chapter book last yr...foot in door!)This book will have a jacket & thing I miss with working with AW. FS&G does a wonderful job in printing. One thing intersting about FS&G is the art has to be in 1 1/2 yrs before it's release! (if I miss my Jun 1 deadline it will be on Spring 08!) Anyway- RE: Writing...I decided, after writing complicated story lines, that I would write some very simple books. I got the idea when at a school visit, one student, (after seeing me draw) decided he had no talent ...I said everyone has special talents...before you know it, these first graders were raising their hands telling me their talents...good a soccer, singing, spelling etc. A book was born!It is a simple story - great for teachers to share...Hence the Fall Release. I'm hoping for good things...But who knows!


Jack looks like a fun character for us all to get to know, Maryann! Can't wait to find out his talent!



It's nice


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