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April 13, 2006


June Goulding

I love those Tulips John. Thank you for bringing spring to my screen!

Lucky us for being creative for our living indeed, but if only I could be creative without the persistant over-direction from those that commission! Then I would feel really lucky.
Maybe I should go out and paint some stuff 'just for me' to free up my creative flow from the current restrictions and confines of projects. Working within someone else's visualisation is proving hard for me today.

Thanks for the 'fresh flowers'... just what I needed to brighten this grey day in the UK.


Barbara Johansen Newman

John, how cheery and bright! Wow! I love them.

I can't see text with these. How big, what are they for, etc.?


John, both paintings are beautiful! If I could paint like that I might never illustrate again! If only you had a benifactor, you too could paint just what you want all day long, as the masters did... thankfully for all the publishers you work with, all the children that read your books and love your illustration and for US, you still must return to your everyday art, masterpieces in themselves:)

Chris Tripp

john Nez

Thanks for all the nice words about my paintings.

They're mostly just for decorating the walls... most of them are about 20" x 24" or so. It's fun painting BIG... compared to doing those tiny illustrations.

But I have to say I suffer from a love/hate relationship with painting on canvas. It's like when Sunday finally rolls around thats the last thing I want to do is make some more artwork (after drawing illustrations all the other 6 days of the week).

But once I get into it... it's like heaven! Unless something goes really wrong... then it's a struggle. But the good thing is that it's impossible to make any mistakes. Just slosh on more paint... scrape off the parts that are wrong. Just keep painting... that's the thing.

Lost in the paint... that's the only place to be.




Hi John...Love the paintings..Where the heck do you find the time!!!

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