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February 17, 2006



I hope he hasn't re-sold any of 'my' words... I might have to take legal advice!

June :o)

John Nez

Reminds me of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the 'secret mantra' thing back in the heyday of the Beatles. Everyone was supposed to have their own secret mantra... that no one else could share.

Mine would probably have been something like Hindi for 'tuna fish'. Anyhow, about making money in weird ways... I keep looking for secret faces and divine images on my pancakes... still waiting for one to show up. Then it's eBay here I come!


Barbara Johansen Newman

Yanno, there's a sucker born every minute. I guess the dummy who is willing to buy the word, must be tha same guy who bought that Sears vacuum passed off as art.

BTW, June, how do you know that they're YOUR words. I have it on good authority that they are MY words.

See ya in court....


Gosh, I wonder what he charges for a sentence!

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