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February 15, 2006


John Nez

Allright! Great artwork!

I know that feeling when you send in the first digital job on CD.
After years of all the hassle of doing it the 'old fashioned way' with cumbersome boards and tissues and tape and boxes. It almost seems like cheating.

But I still like real paints and papers... but it's very good to be able to choose or combine both mediums... imho.

Nice looking work!


Barbara Johansen Newman

Great pieces, Chris! Don't panic--work will be coming in soon...I KNOW it! Keep on posting.


Well done Chris. To finish up projects is a good feeling, and one I am looking forward to.
My current project has gone on a bit too long so I am feeling stale about it... but it will be fine once I get to the painting bit... as long as I can remember how to paint!
I am interested that these were your first fully digital books. Great work for your first digital delivery, and very fast turnaround too.
I am sure more work is just around the corner... go tidy your desk and something will turn up to interrupt you just as you start to enjoy a rest :o)



Thanks guys:)
June, I'm no where near as digital as that John Nez of course but it was such fun with these simple cartoon pages.
I did ink on paper but then pasted the illustration on to a new page in Photoshop of the appropriate size for bleed etc and then so much of it was just bucket fill. That made the work fly! A few layers for shading and what not. I could of gotten carried away but the deadlines were tight (though I was over a month early in total) and because of the budget he had per book, I kept it simple as possible.
Hope there are more (I believe these will be sold really cheap at places like dollar tree... ugh:)


They look great, Chris!

You go, Digital Girl!

Enjoy having a little break. Don't sweat where the next project is coming from.


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