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January 23, 2006


Barbara Johansen Newman

Janee, my boss is not so sympathetic. She is a real pain in the ass, as a matter of fact. She is always making me feel guilty. Of course, sometimes I ignore her anyway.

BTW, I feel like your lovely drawing looks when the assignment or book is done!

John Nez

My boss is okay to live with I guess... only he seems to become easily bored and is always demanding new and different kinds of work to entertain him.

I just wished he'd take the weekends off sometime and maybe develop some outside interests... like football or ice hockey.

I dunno... sometimes I have to confess... sometimes when I'd drive the kids to school, I'd actually feel jealous of all those commuters waiting at the bus stop to go downtown. It seems so much more exciting than just going back home and drawing at the desk all day.


Barb, if you ever quit your job, be sure and tell on your boss during your exit interview. Ha!

John, my boss has taken up a new hobby. One that actually requires her to put on clothes and venture in the great outdoors:

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