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January 05, 2006



yes, barbara, all of the above. obsessive for sure, often frenzied. unofrtunately i struggle with distractions, with ideas for other projects that battle for my motivations and energy. but when its going great, its fantastically absorbing!

maryann cocca-leffler

Barb- You are obsessed! How do I work?...seems lately my life is chopped into pieces so I feel like I don't have time to obsess...1. My husband is expanding his parttime business into fulltime...(He is leaving fidelity in 3 weeks!(yikes) and opening a tool rental store!...I am excited but also a bit frightened...again we will both be self employed. Don't even let me think about health insurance. SO- I have been helping him in this transition...getting the store set up- ordering computers...mailing list- brainstorming ads- planning a grandopening.
2. I foolishly volunteered to help the middle school drama club in sets for BYE BYE BIRDIE. 3.Carting my older daughter around- since she is home from college and doesn't drive (vision imparement) which is another stress. 4.Ok- 2 books due this year. Yes- somehow I need to focus on that. Just started my first painting on book 1. Do I even know what I am doing???NO. SO_ You seemed to be focused enough to be able to think about your book while you sleep.I'm thinking about too much OTHER stuff!

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